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It is estimated that only 4% of people in the world make inheritance Will and yet 96% of the people know that they will also die, but they fail to plan for things after their death !

Common reasons why people don’t have a Will?

  • Too lazy to engage a lawyer
  • Avoiding expensive lawyer fees
  • Procrastination
  • Think that you are immortal

It is never too early or too late to plan things to do after your death. We will help you create your inheritance Will for Free, that too from convenience of your chair.

Did you know that in most parts of the world you can create a “legally enforceable Will” by creating Will using informal means like video, hand written or even email message!

Prepare your Will or deferred email messages

Easily prepare text or video Will, email messages and information about bank details/passwords to be shared with the people you love and trust after your death. Also you can plan your funeral.

Alive confirmation emails

We will send you a confirmation email every 30 days with a link that you can click to confirm that you are still alive. If you don’t click the link in the confirmation emails within 7 days, you will get 3 more emails with a gap of 7 days each.

After your death

In case you don’t click on any of the confirmation link in the original email or 3 reminder emails, then the emails with your Will, deferred messages, e-Vault with bank details & passwords and your funeral planning will be transmitted to the respective recipients.

Phone confirmation about your death

For our paid members we do phone verification before sending out emails and sharing information. This is to avoid risk (and consequential embarrassment) of transmitting your saved Will and messages while you are still alive.

Physical storage of paper Will and important documents

Also we offer facility to store physical Inheritance Will or any other important documents that we can courier after confirming that you are dead.

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