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What is will?

A “will” is a document that states instructions about what you want to do of your personal possessions and land (your estate) after you die.

What is Vault?

A term “Vault” has different meaning, here we have used this term as a space given to you as storage space of your private and valued information of different form.

I fear of sharing my private and confidential information on your site?

We strictly adhere to the stated terms and condition and value your privacy, so be rest assured.

I am much younger, what age you suggest is right to create will?

It all depends upon individual circumstance, when you have assets or people you care about and want to protect as per law at the age of 18 you are allowed to make a will. But we suggest to make it early between the age of 30 – 40 after gaining maturity and are wise enough to decide right.

What is obituary?

Obituary in dictionary terms is a notice of a death, especially we get to see in separate section in newspapers. On our site this section is an interesting one where you can have your all personal and things of sentimental value stored.

Can I deactivate my account in the middle of subscription plan?

You cannot deactivate your account in the middle of subscription plan. You have to inform us about the same and we shall close your account after your subscription ends. If you want to continue you have to renew the same after the subscription period ends.

Can I share with my family members that I have such account?

It would be your choice. You will be responsible of all later consequences.

Whom to contact for queries?

We have 24x7 assistance for you, you can see the contact details for assistance or mail us on