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Physical Document

In case you don’t have any credible source that can safely keep your inheritance Will (also other important documents) and deliver it to your beneficiary after your death, we can store your physical documents (including Will) on your behalf and we will safely deliver these documents to your nominee after your death.

We store all your important documents in a highly secured, fireproof, disaster proof and theft proof secured vault which is under video surveillance 24-7.

It is also possible to retrieve back your stored documents while you are still alive.

Charges for Physical Document Storage

* First Page: $ 100

* Subsequent pages: $ 25 per page

* Courier Charges: $ 90

We only charge onetime fee for this service irrespective of how long we have to store and despatch these documents. The courier charges to send the original documents to us will be on your account. The fee includes lifetime storage and courier charges to send documents to your nominee.

Steps for Physical Document Store

Step 1: Fill document store form

Step 2: Pay Charges

Step 3: You will receive confirmation email from us that will have a form with detail of address where you need to send the courier. You need to Sign this form and return it along with documents you courier to us.

When we receive your documents, we will send confirmation email and update receipt status of physical documents in your control panel. Through the control panel, you may request receiving these documents back to you while you are still alive or you may even request physical destruction of these documents. We don’t charge anything extra for sending back the physical documents to you or destroying these documents on your instructions.