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✓ Video Will
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Only 2% of people make any inheritance planning

Are you amongst the remaining 98%?

✗ Family dispute & misunderstanding
✗ Improper asset allocation
✗ Unclaimed assets & bank accounts
✗ Improper information sharing
✗ Confusion in Funeral planning

✓ Prepare text or video Will
✓ Send messages to loved ones
✓ Share bank details
✓ Share important passwords
✓ Plan your funeral

Too lazy to engage a professional lawyer to make your inheritance Will ? Avoiding expensive lawyer fees?

It is never too early or too late to plan things to do after your death. We will help you create your inheritance Will for Free, that too from convenience of your chair.

Did you know that in most parts of the world you can create a “legally enforceable Will” by creating Will using informal means like video, hand written or even email message!

Signup for our free lifetime membership to easily create video or text will. Prepare email messages and share bank details/passwords to be shared with the people you love and trust after your death.

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  • Create Text of Video Will

  • E-Vault - Bank details & passwords

  • Deferred emails

  • Obituary planning

  • Phone verification after death

  • Physical documents storage

Data Security & Privacy

  • 256 Bit data encryption

  • SSL Data transmission

  • Real time backup

  • Disaster recovery

  • Cloud storage in multiple continents

  • Phone verification

Report Death & Initiate Verification

  • Check if a person is registered with us.
  • Usually it takes up to 50 days for email verification cycle, however if you don’t want to wait that long, you can initiate a request for phone verification.
  • After phone verification we will send out saved messages (including Will) immediately.

Why Use


Leave behind legacy and NOT family dispute!

By creating simple text or video inheritance Will, let your loved ones know your true intentions about how you would want your wealth & assets to be distributed after you death. By doing this you will avoid family or partnership conflicts.

Save time & cost for your loved ones

Without having a valid Will can increase time and cost for your family to take over your wealth & assets. In absence of a Will, in some extreme cases, even the government has a right to take over your assets.

Give your loved ones access to your brain

Use our E-Vault to securely share with your loved ones your bank details, information about you investments, username & passwords, details of your insurance etc.

Confessions & messages

There are always things you want to say or confess to people you care but for some reason you don’t? Well now you can create email messages and they will be delivered after your death.

Plan your funeral

You lived your life on you terms then why let someone else decide what happens to you after your death? Let your loved ones know how you want your funeral to be planned.

Paper Will or other important documents

In case you are suspicious and you want to ensure that your Will or any other important documents should not be tempered, then keep these documents in our possession and after your death we will deliver them to your nominee(s).

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  • 我代表我的家人和我所有的亲戚,我要感谢大家让我们觉得,我的父亲还活在我们的记忆通过本网站... 谢谢!

    凯洛琳许, China
  • Вы веб-сайт является великим делом с очень полезными , практичными и доступными функциями , будет уверен, что будет в конечном итогеважной частью процесса заживления так много ... ..

    Ирина Куницына, Russia

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