Site Features

Alive settings

By default we will send you a confirmation email every 30 days with a link that you can click to confirm that you are still alive. If you don’t click the link in the confirmation emails within 7 days, you will get 3 more emails with a gap of 7 days each. In case you don’t click on any of the confirmation link in the original email or 3 reminder emails, then the emails with your Will, deferred messages, e-Vault with bank & passwords and your funeral planning will be transmitted to the respective recipients.


You can customize the default interval days for alive confirmation email, you can customize number of reminders and time interval between the reminder alive confirmation emails.


Phone Verification

For our paid members we do phone verification before sending out emails and sharing information. This is to avoid risk (and consequential embarrassment) of transmitting your saved Will and messages while you are still alive.

You can add contact details of the people who you trust. Before transmitting your Will, deferred emails, e-vault details etc., we will first call people you trust and only upon verifying that you are actually dead we will transmit all the information.

This service is paid. Click here to get details of our plans.