Data Security & Privacy

Data Encryption

We use most high-tech 256-bit SSL encryption that guarantees highest security of your sensitive data.

SSL Transmission

SSL Encryption provides an extra layer of protection that help to defend against login and password theft, which is particularly common in today's wireless world. The secondary benefit of 256-Bit SSL Encryption is to overcome the speed issues related to ISP throttling and bottlenecks.

Real time backup

We have a systematic process of backing up files that can protect against accidental loss of user data, database corruption, hardware failures, and even natural disasters. It's our job as an administrator to make sure that backups are performed and that backup tapes are stored in a secured location.

Disaster recovery

Our data is backed up with industry best data recovery model that ensures that your data can easily be restored in any possible disaster.

Cloud storage in multiple continents

We take storage and protection of data very seriously. We ensure that we backup all the data in multiple continents just in case we have a major catastrophe in any one continent.