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Use our high security e-Vault to save important documents, passwords, bank details, insurance details etc. For every information that you save in the e-Vault you can assign a nominee with whom this information will be shared after your death.

1. Document Vault

Save your important documents, photos and videos that you would like to preserve and share them with people you trust after your death. Tip: You can even upload documents that are password protected and in the message you can give the password hint, example “Password to this file is name of the restaurant that we met the first time”, “Password to this file is your high school name” etc.

2. Password Vault

Don’t fear anymore about forgetting password to important sites. Simply save usernames and respective passwords with total assurance of its confidentiality and security.

3. Insurance Vault

Insurance vault is storage place of all your insurance policies like life, home, vehicle insurance etc.

4. Bank Vault

Save your bank details which you can access while you are alive and pass on these details to your loved ones after you death.

5. New Vault type

In addition to the above mentioned e-Vaults you can create your own customized vault.